Story of Secret State

UX Designer/Project Manager Symphonic Pixels, Australia, 2010

Story of a Secret State was a group art exhibition that illustrated the human rights violations taking place in North Korea. The exhibition brought a seldom heard story to a listening Australian audience, and involved the collaboration of 11 artists from six countries.

I was responsible for compiling the narratives of the whole exhibition from testimonies and documentaries and arranging it into three parts: Life in North Korea, Escape and Life after escape as a defector. Distributing each story and the concepts to the artists and planning the official website were also my responsibilities. This exhibition was held in Melbourne as part of the Melbourne International Human Rights Art and Film Festival in 2010. Later, the same exhibit was also organised in Sydney three times: twice in 2011 and May 2015.

Platform HTML, CSS, WordPress
Tools Google Docs, Google Analytics

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